In Barrie, a furnace is probably the most common way that we heat are homes. With either gas or propane furnaces, the efficiencies have been increased over the mid efficiency furnaces of 10 years ago. Gas furnaces now start at 92% and go all the way up to 97%. Besides the combustion efficiency DC blower motors have decreased the electrical usage efficiency by up to 80%.

A variable furnace will vary the heating cycle between 2 stages a low fire (usually about half the total burner output) to high fire (the full burner output) along with the burner the blower motor changes the speed based on the heating output.

Another advantage with the DC motor is the ability to leave the motor running at a low speed to keep the air in the home circulating helping to keep the air temperature in a room even.

Furnace Installation and Repair in Barrie

Central Heating offers a complete service for existing Barrie furnace systems and new furnace installations, including duct work.

For those that don’t like the noise of a conventional duct system we can also add a sound dampening system to the ductwork. The insulation also helps in thermal losses through the system making the furnace operate even more efficiently.

Besides furnaces Central Heating has you covered with system add-on’s that help improve the overall comfort of your home. We offer humidifiers to add moisture to your air in the winter, a HEPA UV lamp combo that helps to take out particulate and air born viruses for those with allergies and breathing problems.eo.

We keep your home and office comfortable, safe and energy efficient year round.